sarah sitting on top of a desk smiling at the camera

An entrepreneur is someone who would rather work 80 hours for themselves than 40 hours per week for others.

Here’s what irritates me in the internet business world:

The number of individuals who promote a deceptive “start-a-business-from-the-beach” program that is simply too good to be true.

They also imply that it is possible to achieve it without spending any money and in just 3.5 minutes every day.

I just saw this identical promise in an ad targeting a tiny audience with no list (they even suggest you can do it while on vacation!).

DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Not even for a minute.

There’s no sugar coating it; it IS hard to be an entrepreneur. It takes some time (lots of time).

It needs perseverance and determination beyond human comprehension, as well as hustle (more than you ever imagined you possessed).

Despite your best efforts, there will be late nights, stupidly early mornings, and a business meeting you have to attend to put out a fire while on vacation.

The laptop lifestyle advertised online is nothing more than an enticing lie peddled to line the coffers of others (plus, I never got that whole “work from the beach” thing anyway).

There isn’t any stable internet at the beach (or is there?). But I digress.

So, let’s face it, there are no easy answers.

You require funds, dedication, time, energy, focus, vision, and enthusiasm.

You’ll also need a great imagination for what COULD BE: more flexibility, independence, creativity, assisting, fulfillment, and so on.

It IS possible. (I’m LIVING PROOF). Although, I can promise you it’ll be harder than you ever imagined.

You’ve got this! I have faith in you.

When you’re good at what you do, others want to assist you to get to your ideal life as soon as possible (and will not sell you an elaborate fabrication for a quick buck).

Sarah, xo