Sarah sitting at a desk with hands on a laptop

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Facebook Ads Manager?

Here are the skills I had that helped me immensely:

1) I enjoy writing and am not bad at it (although you can outsource this if you aren’t)

2) A passion for evaluating things and determining what works and what doesn’t

3) Adequate technology

I say adequate because I wouldn’t consider myself a whiz, but I’m not an idiot either.

I can use a computer and Google almost anything (or YouTube it if I don’t feel like reading), but that’s really about all you need to know.

4) A sharp memory and attention to detail (or at least as much as a mother of two toddlers)

5) Sales skills (which I didn’t realize I possessed until I was forced to apply them, proving that they CAN be learned)

6) Knowledge of online coaching and typical marketing techniques (which can be learned quickly)

I hope this is helpful!

Sarah, xo