Sarah sitting at a desk with hands on a laptop

An ex once told me that I was “too obsessed” and that I needed to “tone it down.”

I’ve always wanted to be a writer ever since I was young.

I used to transcribe scripts from my favorite movies onto paper when I was a youngster (a pastime I loved).

This was a time-consuming process of stopping and beginning the show with the remote control so I could write down the words and then restart the show.

You could say I was fascinated. And I certainly was!

If I said this fixation part of my brain has vanished, I’d be lying.

When I originally launched my first business, I became consumed with making it successful (and I did have some success, although not enough).

How did I build that business, though? By being obsessed with it, yup! (It’s now a million-dollar enterprise.)

Even though society tells us that obsessing over our success and vision is harmful, I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur who was not obsessed with their success and vision.

It is, in my opinion, a crucial component of organizational success.

And the reason for this is that, like having a baby, your preoccupation with your goal is a crucial factor.

That baby is adorable and adorable, and you adore it to the moon and back.

The sleepless nights are difficult, and you frequently wonder how you will get through them, but the mad love you have for this person keeps you going.

Business is the baby in that instance. What I mean is that doing business is not always simple. It’s not going to be easy.

There will be difficult days when you want to give up.

Laser focus on your vision and mission; that is what will get you through those difficult times.

Only by being obsessed with your future will you be able to achieve the greatness you know is possible for you.

In short, my words to you are that it’s okay to obsess over something, especially if it’s your business. Welcome to the club!

Sarah, xo