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Curious to know what I do exactly?

A large majority of the world has no clue what I do… or that it’s even a job in the first place.

I’ve had some folks sign up for my guide and then write to me, asking, “What exactly do you do?”

When Mark Z was testifying in Congress, he said, “Senator, we run ads.”

Yup. That sort of thing. We run advertising on Facebook(TM) and Instagram (TM). for company owners.

Most people are unaware that many businesses do not have the time to perform their advertising.

They’re mostly preoccupied with operating their businesses, communicating with clients, and assisting clients with whatever magical stuff they perform.

Many entrepreneurs would pay someone to run their advertisements since advertisements can be linked to a return on investment (ROI).

It is not an hourly position. It’s a form of skill in great demand because of the possibility of making that money back.

But most clients are missing one thing: a place to send traffic.

Clients frequently want $50,000 months but have nowhere to send traffic, which is generally how month one goes.

For most of our customers in month one, we created a “funnel” to assist them in organizing all of their marketing items.

We complete their funnel, assist them with their email “nurture” sequence, and help them with the social media approach they will need to use after we begin to run their advertisements.

If you’ve ever received one of my free guides, you already know what a funnel is! (This is merely a fancy name for a certain sort of internet page.)

Rates for month one typically vary from 2.5K to 6K per month, depending on the breadth of work required (and the earning potential of the funnel).

These prices were levied from the beginning.

We approve the ads once we have a location to drive visitors to.

That means we’ll create the advertisements, decide which audiences to target, and begin spending money on good old ad management!

We continue to handle and supervise ads for the clients. (The ad manager is simple to use, but it may be highly perplexing for those who have no idea what they’re doing.)

That’s all. People pay you for what you know when you run ads, and NOT how long it takes you.

Are you curious about the finest sorts of clients to target with ads? (I have STRONG feelings about this, my friend!)

Let me know below!

Sarah, xo