Sarah sitting at a desk with hands on a laptop

This is the most accurate indicator of success.

For all those entrepreneurs shouting they’ve entered 6+ figure land?

It’s all too easy to be swayed by broad, meaningless statements that can profoundly deceive (just look at all the “numbers” floating around!).

Let’s talk profit margins, shall we?

When you have some traction in your business and start making money, you discover that PROFIT MARGINS are the most important factor.

I’ve witnessed numerous “six-figure entrepreneurs” who were cash-strapped at the end of the month or year after paying all of their business expenditures.

And it was my brother who first pointed this out to me when I started bragging about it (his first question was, “That sounds fantastic, but what are your profit margins?!?”).

Let’s start bragging about PROFIT margins rather than numbers, okay?

This, in my opinion, would be more honest.

Sarah, xo