➡ In this video, I share my favorite quotes to help you make the entrepreneurial leap and rewrite the negative scripts playing in your mind.

Why are quotes so important? Because they illuminate the struggles we are having, motivate us, and help us keep our priorities straight. The video highlights ten quotes that speak to the doubts, hopes, and goals we have as we start and build a business.

It shows how these quotes can motivate and guide us toward success. A few examples…

➡ Quote: Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. If dogs are barking at you, you are on the right track. When you take the bold, courageous move to become an entrepreneur, people will take notice and you will start to get feedback. Some of it will be negative or ambiguous. Turn away, and don’t let it get you off track.

➡ Quote: You can let something define you or refine you. You may be asking, “How can I succeed when I’ve had unsuccessful businesses in the past?” Rewrite that script. It just wasn’t your time yet. Many entrepreneurs started out with business failures and then went on to success. Learn from your experience and let it refine you, but do not let it define who you are or what you can accomplish.

➡ Quote: You’ll either have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Contemplate the cost of not taking action. Many of us carry our hopes, dreams, and desires to the grave. Prioritize what is important and then apply discipline to go after it.

The video also describes a journaling technique you can use to recognize your negative thoughts and overwrite them with more positive and productive truths. As you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, you can draw strength and wisdom from these inspirational quotes. If you want to know more tricks subscribe to the channel and activate notifications.