Sarah sitting at a desk with hands on a laptop

Personalization and direct contact are two of the most important changes you can make to your marketing in 2022.

I’ve done a lot of “book a call” funnels and automated “evergreen” funnels in the last few years.

By far, I’ve discovered that adding personalization to your marketing and increasing your accessibility to potential clients on a human level is what substantially shifts the needle.

This could mean:

-creating a community using a free Facebook(TM) group.
-requesting that anyone with questions “private message” or text you.
-possibly (gasp!) using email to exchange phone numbers!
-and lastly, perhaps having access to a messenger messaging group with relevant information.

I’ve noticed that the more I try to automate (which I do! ), the less connected people feel to me, but it increases your accessibility and it causes more people to engage.

I’ve been experimenting with emails and posts (in my group, and some funnels even) that say “text me to x, y, or z,” and it’s astonishing how many people respond.

Last Friday, I did precisely that, and by Monday, I had eight sales calls scheduled out of nowhere.

It could necessitate a minor shift in your duties as a business owner.

If this “new way” is helpful in sales, alter your schedule to suit this to optimize your influence and the connections you build with individuals (AKA prioritizing the money-making activities).

We all want to be more connected.

However, if you can incorporate this level of connection into your marketing, it will stand out as unique and will most certainly outperform whatever automated marketing your competitors use.

I can’t wait to see (or hear) how it goes for you.

Sarah, xo