sarah sitting on top of a desk smiling at the camera

Do you believe that establishing a business is too risky? “What if it doesn’t work out?” is a regular question I hear from my pupils.

To which I respond: risk is inherent in business. Wouldn’t everyone do it if it were simple?

What person wouldn’t desire more time, freedom, money, and influence?

But here’s the truth: we delude ourselves into believing that business is “risky,” but other aspects of our life are not.

And that’s a big fat giant lie. Everything in life is dangerous.

Getting into a car? Risky. Getting on board an airplane is also dangerous!

Even walking your dog may be risky since there are so many unknowns that might occur, even if you are exceedingly cautious.

Life is full of danger. Dealing with danger is a part of the human experience.

So, just what actions do we take to cope with risk?

1) Recognize the presence of risk in all aspects of life.

2) Determine your core values. Questions such as, “What is essential to you? Is it achieving success in your career? Is it launching a business that benefits others? Is it compassion? “

3) Finally, TAKE RISKS that will bring you closer to your objectives. These dangers we are willing to accept in our lives will be different for every one of us. Some people are interested in taking the danger of skydiving. For me? No, thank you!

But what about business risk? I’d take it over working in an office from 9 to 5 any day!

The fact is that all of life entails risk, and we must take the chances that will lead us to our ambitions.

That is what makes us fully alive (no matter what the outcome).

So, how about it? When are you going to make the initial move toward launching your own business?

Sarah, xo