sarah sitting at desk with laptop looking to left

Some days I feel so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do next. 

Between all the business of life and the craziness of kids (early days, making lunches, getting the kids to school)..

I have little to no time for myself!

Sometimes being a mom with a business can be extremely hard.

I just wanted to say for those of you who do (or will have businesses): you are NOT alone!

And even those of us who may “look” like we have it together, are just figuring it out as we go.

I also operate with the wisdom that it won’t be like this forever.

We hear over and over that this phase of business (insanity?) passes as quickly as kids grow up, households quieten down, and then we WILL want to be zipped back here.

So I try to be grateful for the moment, no matter how crazy it can feel.

When my son was a very young baby, he slept fitfully.

I spent many nights awake at 3 am rocking him in the rocking chair/glider, the bouncing ball, and the floating “bed” that hung from the ceiling (which still didn’t help him sleep).

But the one thought that kept me sane was thinking of all the other moms up early in the morning, bouncing the baby in their respective rocking chairs or bouncy balls.

And through this thought of kinship with them, I made it through.

Now, I do a similar thing when I am feeling overwhelmed. 

I remember there are a TON of women who also feel overwhelmed—collectively—and we can all take some solace to understand that things are what they are supposed to be right now.

Sarah, xo