sarah sitting on top of a desk smiling at the camera

I’ve only recently realized I’m fully accustomed to the “new normal” that I would never have imagined feasible only a while ago, and not necessarily in a positive sense. A negative shift.

Even though we all know that the one constant in life is change, it doesn’t stop us from stomping our feet in protest.

“This is NOT happening to me.” Alternatively, “why me?”

I wept at first. After that, I fell into denial and started looking and looking for a solution.

And, while staying up late seeking solutions to a hopeless problem, I came upon one. While it isn’t what I would have preferred in an “ideal” world, it will suffice.

So over the last week, my new “normal” has become not so bad.

Just like we’ve discovered over the past 2 years, we must occasionally adjust to a new normal (and many of us have learned a lesson in just how resilient and adaptable we can be when needed).

That, in my opinion, distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from others.

When most people would give up, we don’t. To me, the expression “wasn’t meant to be” is NOT always true…

It was then that I realized it wasn’t meant to be.

We came up with another solution. When we say so, we complete it.

Not just because someone else says we have to.

Our mere willpower provides us with considerably more influence over our lives than most people will accept.

As a result, I believe that the statement “wasn’t meant to be” is not entirely accurate in many cases (yes, in some it is, but far fewer than we realize).

It’s more likely to happen when I decide it’s not meant to be because people are so adaptable and resourceful.

It doesn’t mean we can’t ever walk away, just that we only do so when we’re certain it’s not in our best interests.

Yes, I determined “it” was for me and came up with a solution.

If your life isn’t where you want it to be, reconsider. Is there another perspective you could take?

Continue your search. The solution will come to you!

Sarah, xo