sarah sitting at desk with laptop looking to left

My family of entrepreneurs discouraged me from following in their footsteps because of the stress, uncertainty, and unpredictability of being an entrepreneur.

I’ve seen the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, so I understand why they tried pushing me into a more academic career path.

My father owned several businesses throughout his life. He sold cars and owned several gas stations and car repair shops. 

And my grandparents owned many businesses, too, including a photocopy shop, a beauty salon, and many real estate investments.

I used to think my family didn’t run their businesses by choice, but out of necessity.

Now I realize those choices were more genetics than they probably realized. Entrepreneurship runs in the family!

My father wanted me to have a better life than he did, and like most people of his generation, he believed a college education was the ticket to success. 

And while my dad always pushed me toward academics, he didn’t realize he was modeling sales skills that I would come to recognize and appreciate later in life. 

He taught me a lot about sales without me knowing it and also a lot about the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Years later, now I am a full-fledged entrepreneur!

I have also since realized that other entrepreneurs are often like me. They don’t fit in, they dislike petty office politics and feel like they have to fake it to pay the bills. 

They have been dreaming of something more before even knowing what it means.

The most common themes amongst entrepreneurs are a strong sense of independence and creativity.

My mission is to tell my story so I can give women the ability to recognize these traits in themselves and potentially start the business of their dreams. 

And this is why I invite you to listen deeply.

If you hear that little voice that says, “I want something more.” that voice will not go away until you follow it, or at least listen to it.

Even if your attempts fail, you can still say you tried. It is better to have tried and failed than not to try at all. 

Anything worth doing WILL require work and some failure before any success. 

Sarah, xo