sarah sitting at desk with laptop looking to left

I almost did NOT start my business because I was afraid of what people would think of me, even though I was in my mid-30s.

Even though I tell my son (daily) to “don’t care what other people think!!!” (Especially other kids at school!).

Even though my dad taught me at a young age that “other people’s opinions are none of my business.”.

I’ve only recently discovered (with the help of my mentor!) that this FEAR of standing out has been holding me back big time.

I was again feeling restless with my life, and with my business. It was not successful enough yet, and specifically, not going in the direction I wanted.

I LOVED Facebook ads and working with clients, yet I was thirsting for more.

My first thought was NOT to be greedy and be grateful for what I do have.

But, when the idea of turning my business in a new direction kept coming back to me without fail, when I felt that morning dread despite having a successful business that I loved, I knew I had to listen.

The hard truth is that most humans crave acceptance.

No one wants to be exiled from the tribe, and we certainly don’t want to ruffle any feathers.

It can feel super painful.

And establishing an ads business meant I naturally have many friends in the industry.

Friends that I did not want to look at me the wrong way and feel like I had abandoned them.

And we can make up these excuses that if we do x, y, or z, then a, b and c will happen. But x, y, and z does not usually happen since most people BARELY pay attention to us.

We have the right to ask for more. We have the right to switch things up. We have the right to add our unique twist to the world to accomplish the great things we have dreamt of. We are allowed to ask for more.

Regardless of what other people think!

If we don’t ask, I can promise you no one else will.

Sarah, xo