Today we’re going to talk about how to get clients as an advertising agency.

 👩‍💻📊 One of the things I like the most about getting clients as an advertising agency is that your work is also moving the needle to help them grow their businesses too. Every business needs to do some form of advertising to get more leads and sales and that makes things easier for you as an advertising agency business because you have the solution they are looking for. So let’s talk about how to get your first agency client:

📲1.- RUN YOUR OWN ADS I’ve found that the most effective way to find potential clients quickly is through your own advertising campaigns. In order to do so you need to create your own ad with a compelling hook that makes you stand out from the rest with a strong reason that moves them to book a call with you. In order to succeed running your own ads you need to create your own booking funnel with a screening questionnaire in order to qualify those leads. I’m sure you are asking yourself how much ad spend do I have to spend to get my first client right? First let me tell you that this could vary for every person but I generally speaking you could get a new client for every $500 you spend running your own ads. Also, in the very beginning, it’s not unusual to spend a bit more around $1,000-$1,200.

📲2.- ORGANIC STRATEGY You can get your first agency client listing the people you want to reach on a tracking sheet and send them an email. Cold email outreach can work surprisingly well. You also can record a quick video using the tool “Loom” giving them value about your expertise and then showing a couple of things they are not doing right where you can help. Start with a target number of people you want to outreach every week using this exact system and you will get a lot of clients as an advertising agency.

📲3.- NETWORK Go to industry events to be able to expand your network and let people know what you do because a lot of times those conversations turn into new agency clients for you.

📲4.- GET REFERRALS My advertising agency almost runs 100% on referrals and happy clients continue to send more potential clients my way. I will encourage you to create some kind of a reward program from your existing clients so they are even more incentive to do so.