Sarah Mae Ives

Sarah Mae Ives

Social media marketing allows you to create tailored content according to your customer’s preference on different social media platforms to initiate user sharing and engagement. Your goal is to gain traffic. How can you gain traffic? By creating content that suits each platform.

Sarah Ae Ives, a social media marketer on Facebook and Instagram, is passionate about empowering women to start their own profitable Facebook and Instagram adverts.  If you are a business owner and feels like your efforts are not paying off, Sarah will provide the necessary guidance you need to get you on the right track.

Business Goals and Objectives

First, she will help you establish your business objective and goals. She will also guide you on establishing a clear direction to align your social media activities and marketing with your objectives and goals. She will also help you learn to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Assessing your efforts is the only way you can know if your marketing strategies and the associated expenses are worth it. Sarah can help you understand your goals and whether your marketing activities, such as growing your target and targeted web traffic, are working by examining your marketing variables and results.

Quality Wins Over Quantity

Sarah can help you tune into your target audience and produce mindful and meaningful posts. She will also help you break down your strategy into small chunks or easy to maintain steps. These steps will help you keep your goals on track and keep moving.

As a coach, Sarah can help you streamline your social media marketing. Her mentorship can help you develop a content plan for creating engaging material that emphasizes your goals. Engaging your audience does not end with marketing. It lends a helping hand when things are not going in the right direction and keeps the conversation going when problems are solved. 

This kind of conversation will spread the news about what you are up to and drive more traffic to your account on different online platforms. She can make sure that you understand your plan and that it is efficient to implement. Streamlining content makes publishing on multiple social media cost-effective and efficient.

Sarah is an expert with online tools meaning she can advise you on the ones to use for your business. She can also help you figure out and utilize the right social media platform for your target audience. 

Changes in social media occur very quickly and are highly dynamic. As your social media coach, Sarah offers regular training on how to use your social media account. She can update you with the latest statistics, tools, and industry knowledge.

Her regular meeting plans ensure your plans align with your objectives and goal. Social media marketing requires you to test, measure, and adapt everything to your plans. 

Sarah Ae Ives has the right blend of knowledge on technology and the creativity required to make social media marketing effective. She has helped many people figure out their brand strengths, weaknesses, and threats.

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