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Are you looking for the best professional pilot program to help you become a commercial airline pilot as quickly as possible?

FlyBy Aviation Academy offers an integrated ATPL course that can take you from no flight experience to EASA certified to fly with commercial airlines in as little as 14 months.  This course includes everything you need to become a pilot, including housing, meals, shuttles, exams, etc. for an all-inclusive price of 69,300 euros. 

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We have also put together a free report to help you achieve your goal of becoming a commercial pilot.  “Avoid These 21 Flight Training Mistakes” will help you avoid some of the top pitfalls students make when interested in making flying their main occupation.

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Achieving the dream to be an airline pilot is a lifelong pursuit for may starter pilots. Some people spend their entire lives trying to advance to the highest level of success, without any success because they do not have a realistic plan.

The sense of adventure linked with being an airline pilot is exhilarating. You also gain membership to elite clubs of people who can fly, and become part of the 0.2% in society with any private pilot’s certificate. The following endless opportunities should light a fire under your pursuit of a viable career with our ground school and professional pilot program.

Benefits of training to fly for an airline

Airline Payscale After Completeing an ATP Career Pilot Program Can Help Financing a Very Comfortable Lifestyle

An airline pilot has access to a lucrative paycheck. The average median pay for commercial pilots was $112,000 in 2017. The pilot with more versatile qualifications gained fast entry into the highest-earning brackets. Some pilots find pleasure working the pilot job as a second vocation – to exercise their passion while enjoying an ample extra income.

The beginning airline pilot will make more than $50,000, with several high benefits. You will rise to become a Regional Airline Captain within four years, with about $112,000 in earnings potential. Some pilots take up private charters to boost their earnings. A significant airline pilot earns $160,000 while the captain will have an annual pay of more than $300,000.

Seemingly Unlimited Hours of New Travel Opportunities While Working as a Commercial Pilot for an Airline

The nature of the pilot’s occupation is to travel the world. They have a lot of opportunities to see and learn about different cultures and lands. They also benefit from including their families in travel benefits, hence are recipients of significant travel pleasure. Many commercial pilots have reduced travel fees even after retirement.

The average airline pilot will not have two similar working days because they can start the morning in North America and spend the night in Europe. You will not pay extra for the night in the destination country; that will be paid by your employer as a part of crew resource management. A career pilot can have access to the reservation of seats on a busy flight.  They can also fly their own air charter craft during a summer session of a vacation.

FlyBy graduates are not exempt from enjoying the benefits of the largest travel networks after they receive their commercial pilots certificate and multiengine ratings to be able to pursue a career in aviation. Our flight school is is ready to explain all the specific benefits of a professional pilot program from our system.  Request more info for details on CFI academy and flight instructor certificates and the flight and ground instruction needed for our airline pilot career programs.

A Unique Passion From Being Behind the Engine in the Sky

Most pilots are acutely aware of the freedom and sense of power they get from the job. It is safe to say that pilots have been looking down on people since the early 1900s. They have a scarce view of the world from an aerial view and the opportunity to meet and travel with society's highest delegates. You have the chance to pursue more than one career as an airline pilot, due to ample free time off work.  That does not even mention the fringe benefits of getting to travel on crosscountry flights as part of their professional flight plan providing vacation benefits with their airline career.

Why do we have the most professional ATPL flight training course for an airline pilot?

The airline transport pilot certification is the most efficient program to become a commercial pilot.  One of the goals of our airline career pilot program is to offer the closest replica to an airline station with our own terminal at the Burgos airport. We have an easy way for pilot students to transition to a full-blown airline career because we have an effective method of replicating the airline environment.  This includes all training materials, flight time building flight hours, and the best flight training devices to enhance one's aeronautical knowledge and flight experience.

It is this reason that our fleet of planes includes 19 well maintained craft for your flight lessons and flight testing. The glass cockpits use a high collection of high-tech tools and digital displays present in most modern aircraft. All our aircraft are situated at the Burgos International Airport. Here is a list of all aircraft available through our aviation academy:

• 14 single-engine VFRs with 3 Tecnams, 9 Cruisers, and 2 Cessnas
• Two single-engine crafts with 1 Cessna and 1 Piper
• 1 UPRT – Champion Super Decathlon
• Two multi engines – Tecnam P2006T

We also have a full staff of certified flight instructors to facilitate pilots flight training.  Because we have plenty of certified flight instructors for each student and adequate crew resource management personelle, flight operations, and aviation maintenance staff, our students can book plenty of flight hours each week.  As our ground school is located in sunny Spain, the climate is also perfect for flying with almost zero time wasted by inclement weather events.  Our ATP CTP pilots flight schedule and flight time can thus be predictable and consistent.  This is one of the reasons the time frame to completion of our students ATP CTP pilot certificate can be as little as 14 months. Zero time is wasted with our airline pilot career programs.

The flight plan starts out with learning basic flight operations that would be taught to privae pilots and then progresses through more advanced flights such as multiengine training and an instrument rating course.  Flight testing will also occur to insure that students flight experience has allowed them to absorb all the aeronautical knowledge they need to safely pursue a career in aviation.

After successfully completing our airline transport pilot certificatoin course, students will have all the certificates and ratings they need to begin an airline pilot career on commercial multiengine flights.  This is beyond the private pilots license.  Students will receive a  commercial pilot certificate, multiengine ratings, instrument ratings, and multicrew cooperation certifications.

For those that are interested in becoming certified flight instructors, FlyBy can provide flight instructor certificates after completing its extended cadet program.  The required training for the commercial multiengine training, instrument rating course and ATP certification in becoming an airline pilot are completed first, then the student learns how to apply those certificates and ratings to instructing others how to fly.  After they have completed the required training they will receive their certified dinstructor instrument and be able to stay on for a time frame as an instructor for FlyBy.  Request info from our contact form if you are interested in the cadet program. 

Training Program on Modern Simulators of Multiple Engine Aircraft Used by Commercial Airline Pilots

FlyBy is one of the few schools with the best simulators and flight training devices to familiarize yourself with different displays and instruments. We use modern flight decks and enable one to accurately feel the projection of their career as a commercial pilot. We have many different resources to help you meet all the qualifications required for commercial aviation success, and we will prepare you to meet rigorous EASA standards at every stage.

Becoming an airline pilot requires a significant amount of education and commercial pilot training. You have a better chance of reaching all the above payoffs and perks when you work with the most professional aviation school in Spain. You do not need a degree to begin training for your pilot career with us.  We also do not require as prerequisites private pilot certificate or any other previous flight and ground instruction in the aviation industry.  You, however, need a high school diploma and the passion to work with our competent flight instructors. 

Please request more info and let us guide you through the application and admission process into our commercial pilot course. We are available on +44 7828 886964 and are readily available to take on your queries fast.

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