So the other day we chatted about the best strategies to gt clients….Today? the second most important ingredient?

A sales process.

Selling feels scary when you’re first starting out. But a business isn’t a business without sales. As an entrepreneur, your job is to lead your client through your sales funnel—from advertisement to inquiry to phone call to sale.

The 2-Call Close

No one (or at least very few people!) will become a client after just one call. Instead, I recommend two phone contacts before a client signs on to work with you.

Take a little pressure off of yourself and accept that the first call is only the very first step.

Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? I hope so!

For my agency, I’ve always used the 2-Call Close method. It’s a super low-pressure sales process that even beginners can effectively use. It looks like this:

Call one: ask great questions.

Really get to know your potential clients. Who are they? What are they selling? What are their business goals? That’s it. Then, if it feels like the right fit, set up a second call.

Call two: determine scope.

This is where you invite the right candidates to discuss how you might work together. What will the proposal and scope of work look like?

Using this method, you get to make two contacts before someone becomes a client.

Not only does this ensure you’re working with clients you’re passionate about—you also get to help find the best fit and solution for both parties.